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    Updates and Bug Fixes

    - Fixed bank money being lost when you relog (customers only).
    - Added Casino Manager to donator class.
    - Added slot machine for casino manager. (Manager makes 10% profit from each spin, can adjust cost to play, real jackpot).
    - Removed sitting.
    - Fixed bug with inventory/using drugs.
    - Fixed bug with inventory/using ammos.
    - Fixed problem physgunning shipments/money/ect.
    - Fixed icons in crafting expert.
    - Fixed printers not dropping from duffle bags when killed.
    - C4's do prop damage on explosion now.
    - Adjusted weapon damages(snipers) and recoil(shotguns).
    - Printer Coolers/Increasers will display type on the LCD screen when active.
    - Fixed C4 and SLAMs not being able to blow up buttons.
    - Fixed Climb SWEP & Grapple Hook.
    - Fixed not being able to move upgrades in inventory.
    - Re-added day/night/weather mod (testing, may not be permenant).

    A map update is almost done, expect it soon!

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