CiberRP will be re-opening for new years!

To make a long story short, the old CiberRP was having problems being too hard for new people to learn, being buggy and laggy. In response to this, I have completely rescripted nearly every aspect of the game from scratch.

Just a few things that've been fixed and added:
- No more lag!
-- Seriously, the difference between the old server and the new server being dead empty, fresh start is nearly 40 FPS better!
- Problems when running and jumping fixed.
- Ability to power printers by pressing E on a socket, then the printer (more noob friendly).
- Gang issues with joining, kicking, losing gang.
-- Gang system was completely rebuilt from scratch. Also added gang tags, which will appear by your name in the chat (example: [GM] Ciber)
- Printer XP has been multipled nearly 6x, especially for lower level printers, so new players don't feel so disadvantaged.
- Removed all weapons except pistols from the shop.
- Raised the manual (blueprints) rates from printers, they are now much much more common.
- Added a new fixed pickaxe.
- Added new taser.
- Fixed inventory icons not showing properly for some items and weapons.
- New donation point system.
- New drone seller to come.

The initial release will be Sunday, January 3rd.
Everyone's account will be reset, original highscores still be saved on the website.
I'll be on to fix bugs and keep working on new features, if you find a bug let me know!