Harpoon Wednesdays is back! Each and every Wednesday we will be hosting a harpoon war. The war will be 1 round. Spawn a harpoon with /getsomepoon
The winner of the war will receive 2 weeks donator status! Congratulations to the winner today: Space Fox
The prizes may vary every week, from donator status, to points to printers!

- Some improvements to minimize server lag.
- Removed smoke effect from weapons.
- Fixed release from jail not working for police and mayors.
- Fixed bailing out of jail not working.
- Fixed not being able to remove textscreens with remover tool.
- Fixed armor not appearing on your character after dying.
- Fixed plant pots staying after leaving the Guerilla Grower job.
- Lowered pickaxe price.
- Added party system button to F3 menu.