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    Here's a few updates:

    - Some text bug with party system.
    - Party system now shows when team member is dead or ghost.
    - Added discounts to the store when buying donator status with points.
    - Added a No option to the car dealer.
    - Fixed all weapon reload sounds.
    - Added animation when dropping items from inventory.
    - Fixed bug not allowing power tool on other players' grow lights.
    - Fixed scoreboard not looking right for some players.
    - Fixed bug where guns wouldn't be able to be unequipped.
    - Fixed armor repair kits showing up as Unknown in inventory.
    - Raised XP output from the following printers: Mini Newbie, Newbie.
    - Raised XP output for some printers when amount increaser addon is attached.
    - Fixed jump forward speed.
    - Increased weapon/armor/upgrade manual drops by 10x.
    - Made lower level manuals much more common. (Example: Pistol/Scout Armor/Upgrades/ect.)
    - The in-game chat is now global. No more requiring to use // to type globally.
    - Updated and fixed Character Customization window.

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    For the love of jesus bring back ooc. Tired of seeing everyone conversations clog uo my chat.

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