CiberRP has undergone a full reset and update.

The server will re-open on Friday, August 1st. 5:30-6:00 PM EST.

- Restored F4 menu to old style.
- Added ability to inventory printer addons.
- Fixed items from shipments displaying owner as Null and Disconnected player.
- Fixed many dupes.
- Fixed not being able to inventory shipment items such as health, armor, water, nutrients, lockpicks, ect.
- Fixed ghosts being able to spawn item from a shipment.
- Fixed ghosts being able to pickup and drop items.
- Fixed ghosts being able to use items while dead.
- Fixed a rare glitch where players couldn't pick up weapons.
- Fixed some items not disappearing after time limit (to prevent prop spam).
- Fixed some items not being able to take damage.
- Fixed not being able to knife/machete car tires.
- Updated advanced duplicator and stacker tools.
- Updated GoKarts - now spawn colored.
- Completely reworked the armor system from the ground up.
-> Renamed Standard armor to Scout armor.
-> Added 2 new armors.
-> Added different stats/quality for each type of armor, Junky, Average, Professional, and Flawless.
-> Added upgrade slots to armor.
-> Added speed stats to armors.
- Added armor upgrades: Armor Strength, Damage Resistance, Speed Enhancement
- Fixed GUI elements not lining up perfectly on all resolutions.
- Completely reworked the crafting and mining system.
-> More efficent coding reduce delays.
-> New Ore, Bar and Rock models added.
-> Bars can be smelted through the Crafting Expert.
-> New crafting combinations for weapons and armors.
-> Weapons now go straight to your inventory when crafted.
-> Added Coal.
- Fixed releasing players from jail through the jail guard not working.
- Optimized Jail Guard to have actions performed instantly (Bail out, Release, Buy police Armor/Health/Speed).
- Fixed major bug where brand new players couldn't equip weapons.
- Added bank item storage.

Changes to the forums:
- Due to all the Russian forum spammers recently, new member will have to answer a CAPTCHA when posting or replying. Once you make a few posts, this will no longer apply to you.