CiberRP has been quite dead for the past few months, this started when a dupe was discovered, where certain manuals, armors, ores and bars could be advanced duplicated. The dupe has been fixed, however due to the severity of the dupe, all inventories and advanced dupe saves have been erased.

The next main question is regarding levels and money. There is a poll above to vote on if you think we should have a complete reset of money and levels or not.

Please consider the benefits of a full reset:
Levels - The server has been dead for months. Continuing with kept levels would discourage new players from joining and give unfair advantages to new crafting system.
Money - Some players have abused the dupe feature and sold their dupes, making their money illegitimate.

Current updates under development:
- Adding new iron, steel, gold bars.
- Adding new lead, iron, gold ore.
- Adding new lead, iron rocks.
- Adding gems.
- New crafting system.
- Optimizing all server download files to download over 60x faster.
- [IF VOTE IS APPROVED] A full reset (Friday 27, 2014 - Will be delayed until all updates are complete for major update)
EDIT: I've decided to add more to this list...
- Revert to original F4 menu.
- Completely rebuild gang system.
- Possibly add FAS weapons.

The new editions are coming after myself and Radioactive Shotgun Invasion have learned to make models. Over the past 4 months I've had numerous people agree to develop models for the community, yet to have every one of them quit or disappear.