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    Inventory Rollback

    All inventories have been rolled back to 1/11/2014. This is a 9 day rollback, however the option on the previous thread's poll dictated that it would be the most fair way to address the recent situation.

    This rollback includes the old inventory, and the new one, so be sure to check both of them for your items.

    Sorry about the inconvenience, this will not happen again, as there is now an automated backup process that will ensure anytime the files are damaged a recent (within 24 hours) backup can be restored.

    More on why I chose the rollback instead of deleting all the weapons:
    Players can now keep their old weapons for months/years (like the super-old CS:S weapons) in their inventory as they will be phased out.
    Manuals would be no longer craftable if we removed m9k weapons.
    Players will have weapons while the new FA:S weapons are slowly introduced.

    Remember, you keep your XP, Levels, Gang Stats.

    As for the new weapons, expect them to get introduced into the game as a trial period sometime this weekend.

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    Lost my weapons since they were glitched with the "nil" but I checked out those new weapons they are awesome!

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