A. Rules of the chat system
    1. Flaming, Racism, and Harassing players is not allowed.
    2. Don't give out any personal information.
    3. Use /advert for selling or trading items.

B. Base construction
    1. You must own the front doors of a building for it to be yours.
    2. There must be one clear enterance and exit for your base.
    3. Bases that require parkour are not allowed. (If an admin can not get over your base props within 3 tries per prop, or 20 total for the base then it's illegal).
    4. Trap bases are not allowed; Players that entered into a base must be able to get out the same way.
    5. Bases where the raider are unable to see the direction in/out of the base is not allowed.
    6. Bases that raiders are unable to defend them selves are not allowed.
    7. Fading doors must stay open for at least 8 seconds.

C. Raiding rules
    1. A raid starts when a enemy player attempts to or enters the base.
    2. You cannot close a fading door during a raid.
    3. You're not allowed to lock Doors or Garages while being raided.
    4. If a base has a "Building" sign, access must be allowed to verify that there's no roleplay items.

D. Use of props
    1. Do not use props to block public entities or NPCs. (Excluding bank bases)
    2. Do not build in a base if you do not own/have permission from the owner.
    3. Prop Blocking, Trapping, Surfing, or Hurting other players is not allowed.
    4. Props cannot be invisible.

E. Job rules
    1. Bankers can not change jobs and raid the bank.
    2. Only bankers can build inside the bank.
    3. Police can only search for wanted players or raid bases that has wanted players in them.
    4. Police can not unarrest or aid unarrested players.
    5. Police may not scan a players base that is already arrested to re arrest them.
    6. Police can not help in any gang or party fights.
    7. Police/Mayor are the only jobs that can build inside the Police Department.
    8. Terrorist can not kill government officials at the spawn.
    9. Terrorist can not kill any other jobs besides Police and Mayor.

F. Fair Roleplay
    1. Spamming a door, garage, or fading door to keep a player from entering or exiting a base is not allowed.
    2. Blocking a player or bullets as a ghost is not allowed.
    3. You must be actively using the building you own.

G. Random Death match (RDM) and New life Rule (NLR)
    1. Random Death Match is attempting or killing a player for no valid reason.
    2. New life rule is over after your ghost time is up.
    3. Killing a player for taking roleplay items is allowed.
    4. Killing a player for pick pocketing you is allowed.
    5. Killing a player for body blocking is allowed. (Ask to move first.)
    6. Killing a player for fighting/killing a gang member is allowed.    
    7. Killing a player for taking over or taking your gang cap is allowed.
    8. Terrorist may be shot by Police or Mayor anytime.

H. Miscellaneous
    1. Exploiting bugs is not allowed. Reporting a bug to Ciber, reward based on bug type.
    2. In-game items may only be traded for In-game items.
    3. You may have a maximum of two accounts playing CiberRP at a time.
    4. An admins word is final in-game, do not argue with them. If you think they are wrong, or that you have been unfairly banned, file an appeal on the forums.