F1 - Open up the CiberRP MOTD and Website
F2 - Open door options when looking at a door
F3 - Use your mouse to vote
F4 - Open the Job, Shop, and Gang Menu
SHIFT+E - Add item to your inventory
SHIFT+R - View your inventory
E+R - Toggle semi-auto vs full auto
ALT+W - Skip ghost period (Requires 1 donator point)

// - Out of Character chat
/y - Yell
/w - Wisper
/g - Gang chat

/cr - Send message to all Police
/gc - Group chat (Gangsters and Police Only)
/pm [name] [message] - Send a Private Message

/advert - Global advertisement message
/me - Type an action
/trade [name] - Start a trade with a player
/drop - Drop weapon
/dropmoney [amount] - Drop money
/dropammo [amount] - Drop ammo
/give [amount] - Give money to a player
/demote [name] [reason] - Start a vote to demote a player
/radio - Talk over radio
/chatchan - Set chat radio channel
/channel - Set voice radio channel
/votekick [name] [reason] - Start a vote to kick a player (Donator Only)
/voteban [name] [reason] - Start a vote to ban a player (Donator Only)
!party - View the party system
!invite [name] - Invite a player to your party

Mayor Commands:
/lottery [amount] - Start a Lottery
/broadcast - Broadcast a message to all players