Updates and Bug Fixes

Jan 22, 2016 - by Ciber
- Fixed bank money being lost when you relog (customers only).
- Added Casino Manager to donator class.
- Added slot machine for casino manager. (Manager makes 10% profit from each spin, can adjust cost to play, real jackpot).
- Removed sitting.
- Fixed bug with inventory/using drugs.
- Fixed bug with inventory/using ammos.
- Fixed problem physgunning shipments/money/ect.
- Fixed icons in crafting expert.
- Fixed printers not dropping from duffle bags when killed.
- C4's do prop damage on explosion now.
- Adjusted weapon damages(snipers) and recoil(shotguns).
- Printer Coolers/Increasers will display type on the LCD screen when active.
- Fixed C4 and SLAMs not being able to blow up buttons.
- Fixed Climb SWEP & Grapple Hook.
- Fixed not being able to move upgrades in inventory.
- Re-added day/night/weather mod (testing, may not be permenant).

A map update is almost done, expect it soon!
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Server Upgrades

Jan 04, 2016 - by Ciber
The server will be offline most, if not all of Thursday. This will be due to CiberRP getting a new internet provider that'll allow more players with none of those annoying ping increases.

The server will have a NEW IP Address!

New IP:
Also server.wefixnsell.com:27015 will be redirected to the new IP after 24 hours.

This weekend the server will be getting a complete rebuild (CPU is from 2010) to a new top of the line parts. With all these updates you can expect a higher player limit and elimination of lag and stability issues.

Update: ISP Rescheduled for Thursday.
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New Year, New Beginnings

Jan 02, 2016 - by Ciber
CiberRP will be re-opening for new years!

To make a long story short, the old CiberRP was having problems being too hard for new people to learn, being buggy and laggy. In response to this, I have completely rescripted nearly every aspect of the game from scratch.

Just a few things that've been fixed and added:
- No more lag!
-- Seriously, the difference between the old server and the new server being dead empty, fresh start is nearly 40 FPS better!
- Problems when running and jumping fixed.
- Ability to power printers by pressing E on a socket, then the printer (more noob friendly).
- Gang issues with joining, kicking, losing gang.
-- Gang system was completely rebuilt from scratch. Also added gang tags, which will appear by your name in the chat (example: [GM] Ciber)
- Printer XP has been multipled nearly 6x, especially for lower level printers, so new players don't feel so disadvantaged.
- Removed all weapons except pistols from the shop.
- Raised the manual (blueprints) rates from printers, they are now much much more common.
- Added a new fixed pickaxe.
- Added new taser.
- Fixed inventory icons not showing properly for some items and weapons.
- New donation point system.
- New drone seller to come.

The initial release will be Sunday, January 3rd.
Everyone's account will be reset, original highscores still be saved on the website.
I'll be on to fix bugs and keep working on new features, if you find a bug let me know!
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Updates & Harpoon Wars!

Sep 03, 2014 - by Ciber
Harpoon Wednesdays is back! Each and every Wednesday we will be hosting a harpoon war. The war will be 1 round. Spawn a harpoon with /getsomepoon
The winner of the war will receive 2 weeks donator status! Congratulations to the winner today: Space Fox
The prizes may vary every week, from donator status, to points to printers!

- Some improvements to minimize server lag.
- Removed smoke effect from weapons.
- Fixed release from jail not working for police and mayors.
- Fixed bailing out of jail not working.
- Fixed not being able to remove textscreens with remover tool.
- Fixed armor not appearing on your character after dying.
- Fixed plant pots staying after leaving the Guerilla Grower job.
- Lowered pickaxe price.
- Added party system button to F3 menu.
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Aug 16, 2014 - by Ciber
Here's a few updates:

- Some text bug with party system.
- Party system now shows when team member is dead or ghost.
- Added discounts to the store when buying donator status with points.
- Added a No option to the car dealer.
- Fixed all weapon reload sounds.
- Added animation when dropping items from inventory.
- Fixed bug not allowing power tool on other players' grow lights.
- Fixed scoreboard not looking right for some players.
- Fixed bug where guns wouldn't be able to be unequipped.
- Fixed armor repair kits showing up as Unknown in inventory.
- Raised XP output from the following printers: Mini Newbie, Newbie.
- Raised XP output for some printers when amount increaser addon is attached.
- Fixed jump forward speed.
- Increased weapon/armor/upgrade manual drops by 10x.
- Made lower level manuals much more common. (Example: Pistol/Scout Armor/Upgrades/ect.)
- The in-game chat is now global. No more requiring to use // to type globally.
- Updated and fixed Character Customization window.
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Excellent Server

Aug 07, 2014 - by Shad-O
Shad-O's Avatar

I just wanted to take the time to let you all know that there hasn't been a single player report yet, and I'm very happy about that fact!

Of course, if the issue comes about, it is important that you do report the troublesome player, so that the proper authority can handle it,

but I'm taking this as a sign that everybody is happy with the way things are currently on the server!

You guys are GREAT!

Keep those printers running!
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CiberRP Full Reset, Re-Opening, and Update!

Jul 30, 2014 - by Ciber
CiberRP has undergone a full reset and update.

The server will re-open on Friday, August 1st. 5:30-6:00 PM EST.

- Restored F4 menu to old style.
- Added ability to inventory printer addons.
- Fixed items from shipments displaying owner as Null and Disconnected player.
- Fixed many dupes.
- Fixed not being able to inventory shipment items such as health, armor, water, nutrients, lockpicks, ect.
- Fixed ghosts being able to spawn item from a shipment.
- Fixed ghosts being able to pickup and drop items.
- Fixed ghosts being able to use items while dead.
- Fixed a rare glitch where players couldn't pick up weapons.
- Fixed some items not disappearing after time limit (to prevent prop spam).
- Fixed some items not being able to take damage.
- Fixed not being able to knife/machete car tires.
- Updated advanced duplicator and stacker tools.
- Updated GoKarts - now spawn colored.
- Completely reworked the armor system from the ground up.
-> Renamed Standard armor to Scout armor.
-> Added 2 new armors.
-> Added different stats/quality for each type of armor, Junky, Average, Professional, and Flawless.
-> Added upgrade slots to armor.
-> Added speed stats to armors.
- Added armor upgrades: Armor Strength, Damage Resistance, Speed Enhancement
- Fixed GUI elements not lining up perfectly on all resolutions.
- Completely reworked the crafting and mining system.
-> More efficent coding reduce delays.
-> New Ore, Bar and Rock models added.
-> Bars can be smelted through the Crafting Expert.
-> New crafting combinations for weapons and armors.
-> Weapons now go straight to your inventory when crafted.
-> Added Coal.
- Fixed releasing players from jail through the jail guard not working.
- Optimized Jail Guard to have actions performed instantly (Bail out, Release, Buy police Armor/Health/Speed).
- Fixed major bug where brand new players couldn't equip weapons.
- Added bank item storage.

Changes to the forums:
- Due to all the Russian forum spammers recently, new member will have to answer a CAPTCHA when posting or replying. Once you make a few posts, this will no longer apply to you.
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CiberRP Update / Reset

Jun 22, 2014 - by Ciber
CiberRP has been quite dead for the past few months, this started when a dupe was discovered, where certain manuals, armors, ores and bars could be advanced duplicated. The dupe has been fixed, however due to the severity of the dupe, all inventories and advanced dupe saves have been erased.

The next main question is regarding levels and money. There is a poll above to vote on if you think we should have a complete reset of money and levels or not.

Please consider the benefits of a full reset:
Levels - The server has been dead for months. Continuing with kept levels would discourage new players from joining and give unfair advantages to new crafting system.
Money - Some players have abused the dupe feature and sold their dupes, making their money illegitimate.

Current updates under development:
- Adding new iron, steel, gold bars.
- Adding new lead, iron, gold ore.
- Adding new lead, iron rocks.
- Adding gems.
- New crafting system.
- Optimizing all server download files to download over 60x faster.
- [IF VOTE IS APPROVED] A full reset (Friday 27, 2014 - Will be delayed until all updates are complete for major update)
EDIT: I've decided to add more to this list...
- Revert to original F4 menu.
- Completely rebuild gang system.
- Possibly add FAS weapons.

The new editions are coming after myself and Radioactive Shotgun Invasion have learned to make models. Over the past 4 months I've had numerous people agree to develop models for the community, yet to have every one of them quit or disappear.
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Murder Server

Apr 06, 2014 - by Ciber
Murder Server

We have a new server in our community, a Murder Garry's Mod Server.
This is a little side project, not replacing CiberRP.

Join us! ~
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Inventory Rollback

Jan 21, 2014 - by Ciber
All inventories have been rolled back to 1/11/2014. This is a 9 day rollback, however the option on the previous thread's poll dictated that it would be the most fair way to address the recent situation.

This rollback includes the old inventory, and the new one, so be sure to check both of them for your items.

Sorry about the inconvenience, this will not happen again, as there is now an automated backup process that will ensure anytime the files are damaged a recent (within 24 hours) backup can be restored.

More on why I chose the rollback instead of deleting all the weapons:
Players can now keep their old weapons for months/years (like the super-old CS:S weapons) in their inventory as they will be phased out.
Manuals would be no longer craftable if we removed m9k weapons.
Players will have weapons while the new FA:S weapons are slowly introduced.

Remember, you keep your XP, Levels, Gang Stats.

As for the new weapons, expect them to get introduced into the game as a trial period sometime this weekend.
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